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Anime Commercial for Japanese Condiment Brand Brings the Feels

Anime Commercial for Japanese Condiment Brand Brings the FeelsHigh-quality, feels-inducing anime for advertising purposes: that’s Japan for you.

A few days ago we shared a new commercial for convenience store Lawson created by Studio Ghibli. This time around, it’s a 90-second spot for condiment maker Marukome that’s in the spotlight.

The ad portrays an elderly married couple whose tables have been turned: The wife, who always made meals for his husband, is no longer able to stand for long periods. Instead, he does the cooking and cleaning, and begins to realize how much she did for him over the years. When his wife eats his meal and says “it’s delicious,” he becomes unexpectedly pleased, and realizes he should have praised her cooking more. Of course, a seasoning produced by Marukome is involved.

The animation was produced by a team that included creative director Takashi Taniguchi, director Kenya Hirata, and character designer/animation director Hiroshi Kawamata (Otona Joshi no Anime Time).

Marukome has actually created many such anime commercials in the past, which are available to watch here.

Source: Otakomu

Matt Schley

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