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Anchor Bay to Distribute Battle Royale II, BR 3D

The former may get groans from some readers, but I maintain that it’s worth watching at least some of Fukasaku’s son-helmed sequel just for Riki Takeuchi. The real boon this news provides is that the introduction of the latter into the American Film Market has at last given North American distributors a fresh opportunity to jump on the unforgettable original.

It’s nice to know that the once-controversial Battle Royale is getting a chance at life here in North America that isn’t totally dependent on HK DVDs or region-free players. If making that a reality includes having to pop on glasses, or sit through BRII again, then so be it. Thankfully they’ve acquired the rights to the 2D version, as well.

Whichever version piques your interest the most, Anchor Bay has the US release date for Battle Royale 3D set for sometime in 2011. It debuts in Japan on November 20, 2010.

Source [Cinema Today via Nippon Cinema]