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Gaze in Wonder at Actor Hiroshi Abe’s Retro Website

Gaze in Wonder at Actor Hiroshi Abe’s Retro WebsiteFans of live-action Japanese film are no doubt familiar with the unforgettable, manly face of one Hiroshi Abe, star of movies like Thermae Romae and Still Walking.

But have you ever seen his official website? It is a thing of beauty.

Abe was recently asked about his site during an interview, and explained that it was originally created by a fan before his office took it over and made it official. And never updated its delightfully Web 1.0 look, natch.

Abe says he likes the site because it’s “simple” and loads “extremely fast.”

The site even has support for international fans (and potential collaborators), exhorting, “If you have any enquiries regarding my TV drama or film, or would like to make an enquiry concerning future projects, please do not hesitate to contact me.”


In an era of cookies, video embeds and pop-ups all over the darn screen, I gotta say, this is my new favorite website. Viva Hiroshi Abe.

Source: Sports Hochi

Matt Schley

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