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A Galaxy Next Door Drops Trailer with Opening Theme Song

galaxy next door

A new trailer for the anime adaptation of the manga series A Galaxy Next Door (or Otonari ni Ginga in Japanese) lets us know that the show will debut on April 8. And it lets us listen to a clip of the opening theme song “Tonari Awase” being performed by Chinatsu Matsumoto.

We additionally learned about some more members of the cast: Rie Takahashi plays Chihiro Ibusuki, Tomokazu Sugita plays Masahiro Morikuni, and Yōko Hikasa plays Momoka Morikuni.

These cast members had been previously revealed: Taku Yashiro plays Ichirō Kuga, Yū Wakui plays Shiori Goshiki, Rina Endō plays Machi Kuga, and Maria Naganawa plays Fumio Kuga.

The anime is being made at Asahi Production, with Ryuichi Kimura of Aikatsu! helming the project as the director. The task of being in charge of series scripts goes to Gigaemon Ichikawa of Chikasugi Idol Akae-chan.

Kodansha publishes the original manga by Gido Amagakure in English and gave this description of the plot:

“Since his father died, manga artist Ichiro has barely scraped by, forced to support his two younger siblings on just a middle school education. He doesn’t even have time to learn how to use a computer, which forces him to keep wrestling with pen and paper. When his art assistants quit to strike out on their own, on top of juggling deadlines, family, and the constant fear of losing his job, Ichiro feels close to a total breakdown. But then a new assistant pops into Ichiro’s life, and his prospects immediately start to brighten! She’s an incredible artist, she always finishes on time, and she’s beautiful, to boot! But she also seems to know an awful lot about him, and soon, she makes a confession that bends Ichiro’s mind beyond the confines of Earth…”

Amagakure is also the mangaka behind Sweetness & Lightning.

Source: ANN


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