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90 Hours of Astro Boy to Celebrate Tezuka’s 90th on Nico Nico

astro boyStreaming platform Nico Nico has one heck of a way to commemorate what would have been God of Manga Osamu Tezuka’s 90th birthday. Starting Halloween night at 6:00pm Japan Time, viewers can look forward to a 90-hour marathon of classic Astro Boy anime.

A talking ATOM robot will be on hand to make comments throughout the marathon, and it will read audience comments aloud once the marathon ends. There will also be a special featuring interviews with guests connected to Tezuka’s works, as well as screenings of select Princess Knight, Dororo, Kimba the White Lion, and Black Jack episodes.

osamu tezuka

osamu tezuka

See more at Nico Nico’s Osamu Tezuka 90th anniversary portal.

Via Crunchyroll