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4D Screenings Planned for Girls und Panzer Das Finale Chapter 3

girls und panzer das finale

The six-part Girls und Panzer das Finale OVA series has gradually been making its way through theaters, and something special is in store for upcoming screenings of the third part. The latest chapter now has 4D screenings planned for 78 4DX/MX4D theaters throughout Japan starting on October 8, just a couple months before the chapter makes its way to home video.

4D screenings up the immersion with moving and vibrating seats, wind and weather simulations, smells, and other effects that mirror the feature’s content. Check out a promo for the new screenings below.

There’s also a new visual celebrating the 4D debut:

The DVD/Blu-ray release for Girls und Panzer das Finale Chapter 3 hits shelves in Japan on December 24.


Source: Official website