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16-Page Preview of A Drifting Life

Yoshihiro Tatsumi is an astounding manga-ka, and it’s a wonder that his work has been hitting store shelves over the last year or two in the form of Drawn & Quarterly’s releases. If you haven’t checked any of those out, from The Push Man and Other Stories to Good-Bye, you should do so immediately. You can read a review of the excellent Abandon the Old in Tokyo on this very site, should you need further convincing.
D&Q will be following those up a little later this year (listed as April 14th on Amazon) with Tatsumi‘s massive autobiographical tome, A Drifting Life. At 800+ pages (just look at that cube-like mock-up!), the fact that this is coming out at around $30 is a very good thing, and it’s definitely way up on my growing must-buy list for this year. Literature site Words Without Borders recently put up a 16-page preview of the book, so don’t hesitate in giving it a look at the link below.

16-page preview of A Drifting Life

Source [MangaBlog via Same Hat]