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Yen Press Adds Sound! Euphonium Novel and More

Earlier today Yen Press hopped on Twitter to make a few announcements, starting with plans to release Ayano Takeda’s first Sound! Euphonium novel. The English release is currently slated for summer 2017 in North America.

Also due out next summer is Mutsumi Okuhashi’s Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash manga, based on the fantasy light novel series by Ao Jyumonji and illustrator Eiri Shirai, which is currently available digitally on J-Novel Club.

Finally, Yen Press announced the license of Asari Endō and Maruino’s first Magical Girl Raising Project light novel, the inspiration for this season’s Lerche anime of the same name. That’s currently set for summer 2017, as well.

Here’s how the announcements shook out on Twitter: