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Worship the Idols of Utano Princesama: Legend Star on Home Video

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The heat is on in the world of Utano Princesama! What started as a simple contest to become the opening act for Triple S ends up turning into something much more interesting in Utano Princesama: Legend Star, which is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in a Complete Collection on April 3.

utano princesama

One of the big shake-ups that kicks off Legend Star is the arrival of the now seven-member group HEVENS. Once they’re on the scene, QUARTET NIGHT takes things in an even wilder direction with the proposal of cross-band duets that force members of STRISH and HEVENS to pair up for a series of songs.

Now all three groups are aiming for the stars, taking the heated oneupmanship of Utano Princesama to a whole new level. Throughout it all, HEVENS swears to get their revenge on their rival groups, so watch out as the tempo increases throughout this 13-episode showdown!

utano princesama

Featuring director Takeshi Furuta (ēlDLIVE) at the helm along with series composition writers Sayaka Konno and Tomoko Konparu, Utano Princesama: Legend Star is another idol free-for-all you don’t want to miss. Thankfully, you’ll soon be able to revisit it as often as you like with the Utano Princesama: Legend Star Complete Collection, so pre-order your copy today.

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