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Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World? Trailer Spotlights Jeanne

Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?

Earlier this month we saw a character trailer for Kai, the main protagonist of the Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World? anime. Now another character is in the spotlight as the latest trailer arrives to focus on Jeanne, Kai’s former childhood friend who is voiced by Haruka Shiraishi.

Set to premiere this July, Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World? is being made at project No.9, with Tatsuma Minamikawa of Wave, Listen to Me! helming the project as director. The person handling scripts is Satoru Sugizawa, who has worked on Love After World Domination. Hiromi Kato was tasked with taking the original character designs and reworking them for the anime.

The series started out as novels by Kei Sazane and neco. It launched in 2017 and concluded three years later, consisting of nine volumes.

It also has a manga adaptation by Arikan, which BookWalker Global is publishing in English. BookWalker Global gave this description for the manga’s plot:

War between the five races on earth – the humans, the “Demonic Race”, the “Wild God Race”, the “Spirit Race” and the “Phantom Beast Race”- has ended in the victory of humans.
It is said that “Prophet Sid” had sealed the other four races in the black pyramid now called “Crypts”.
Kai’s job is to watch the crypts and make sure that there is no change. He is also training to save humans when the other races break the seal and come back to this world.
The crypts looked quiet today…but after Kai felt the world bending in front of his eye…everything changed.
“World Rebirth” was activated…!!
Now Kai is in a totally different world where no one knows him. But he remembers everyone!

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