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Voice Actress Comments on Spy X Family Anime Coming Out Next Year

spy x family

There’s not an official announcement of an anime adaptation, but there are clues that something is in the works. And since the manga Spy X Family is selling millions of copies and receiving award nominations, it really wouldn’t be surprising to see it adapted into an anime. This month voice actress Cocomi gave an interview to FRaU magazine and commented that she’s “looking forward” to the Spy X Family anime that’s coming out in 2022.

That part of the interview has since been removed. But there are other clues that an anime adaptation is probably on its way. Spy-Family.net is a registered domain name, though its name is vague enough it could be potentially for the manga. However, there’s also a Twitter account called “@spyfamily_anime,” which sounds more promising.

Do you want to see an anime adaptation of Spy X Family?

Source: ANN


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