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Voice Actor Says Crunchyroll Stopped Anime Actors from Auditioning for Video Game

Tower of God

Laura Post, a voice actor in many anime dubs — including Tower of God, Cells at Work!, Demon Slayer, In This Corner of the World, The Promised Neverland and more — wrote on Twitter:

“You may (or may not) have noticed that there is a cool new Tower of God game coming out!

And you may (or may not) have noticed that the cast (full of totally awesome people who have our blessing) is different from the anime!

Would you like to know why? Well, STORY TIME: (1/?)”

Post went on to say that the company behind the video game “approached a studio to begin recording the English localization [and] CR went directly to the client and told them they ‘owned the voice prints’ of the original cast.”

She continued, “They went on to say that the videogame client could legally not use ANY of the cast in the game in *any* capacity. Not even as new characters or different characters than we originally played. We could not even *audition* for new or different characters. We were blacklisted. What CR said is completely, 100%, untrue. Not only did I personally review my contracts to be sure that there was no such clause…In addition, I also had MULTIPLE LAWYERS look over the contract, and they agreed. There is nothing in there to stop us from being part of the project, at the very least as new or different characters.”

Post shared a portion of her contract with Anime News Network for their story, and ANN had a lawyer look over it. It did not say anything that she says Crunchyroll is claiming, but it is not the entire contract, so it can’t be confirmed one way or the other. Crunchyroll did not get back to ANN before press time when asked about what’s going on here.

Post wrote on Twitter:

“I’ve seen a few people ask, reasonably: Why would CR do this?

And I realize I didn’t make it clear. The game is union.

And well, we all know how CR feels about the union. (12/11)”

There has been controversy before around Crunchyroll and unions. Kyle McCarley, who played Mob on Mob Psycho 100, alleges that he was replaced because he wanted Crunchyroll to have a meeting about unions.

Source: ANN


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