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Voice Actor Kyousei Tsukui Diagnosed with ALS

In a recent blog and Facebook update from Kyousei Tsukui (Johan in Black Blood Brothers, Chōji in Tamako Market, Straight Cougar in S-CRY-ed), the voice actor revealed that he was recently diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a disease that leads to the death of neurons that control voluntary muscles. The diagnosis came after four weeks of medical testing and treatment, and it sounds like Tsukui is taking the future one moment at a time with a positive outlook.

According to Tsukui, his voice is unaffected at the moment, so with the support of his family and agency, he will “continue forward as much as possible.” One of the most difficult aspects is walking on his own, for which he uses a double-handle cane and wheelchair for improved mobility.

Other than that, Tsukui says he is relatively healthy, and will continue working with doctors and therapists moving forward.

Source: Kyousei Tsukui’s blogFacebook via Anime News Network