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Viz Launches Online Magazine IKKI

In case you were wondering, that name does indeed sound familiar for a very good reason. You may have noticed Manga Master (now unstoppable Vertical Inc. employee) Ed Chavez writing about IKKI in these virtual pages, and you can expect similar content in Viz’s service. IKKI’s primary aim is to test the waters with new titles, gathering feedback on whether or not certain titles will be viable for print. Viz editors will cull the cream of the crop from a variety of seinen manga, and will also be including creator interviews and other features. Meanwhile, readers can go on reading to their heart’s content.

There’s a hint of nostalgia brewing in this, as well. Notice that classic PULP Futura font looming at the top of the page; the long-shelved monthly’s fingerprints are all over this. Right now, the introductory chapter of Daisuke Igarashi’s Children of the Sea is available to read, as is a corresponding interview. I highly recommend you check it out, and bookmark the site while you’re there. Who knows, the future state of manga could be in your hands.

Viz’s IKKI Website

Source [Publishers Weekly]