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Victoria’s Electric Coffin Takes a New Spin on the Frankenstein Story

Victoria’s Electric Coffin opens with David Douglas strapped to the electric chair, ready to be executed for his many crimes. It’s 1920s New York. David, who grew up in the slums, regrets ever being alive. But when he’s asked if he’ll donate his body to science after the execution, he agrees, and then he wakes up in bed.

What happened?

His dead body was donated to Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, a 13-year-old medical prodigy who has brought David back to life. She renames him Eins, refers to him as her electric coffin, and says his life will now be about helping people.

Victoria, who doesn’t seem to have any parents in sight, is a controversial figure for her medical experiments. But she is dedicated to making Eins bring some good in the world, and he finds himself liking his new life much better. He enjoys helping people and being given the opportunity to do so. He worships Victoria for saving him.

But trouble appears to be brewing on multiple potential fronts. There are people who don’t like what Victoria is doing. There are people envious of her success. And there’s the mystery of why she’s living alone even though she’s a child.

Victoria and Eins are good lead characters. The manga periodically hints at Eins’ dark past, and we know at least one murder he committed, but as he is now, it’s hard to imagine him committing murder. The circumstances are just out of the reader’s reach, implying a dark, fascinating answer.

As for Victoria, it’s cool to see such a smart main character, and also curious how she got to be so good at medicine, and what her background is. While this manga obviously has nods to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, it is its own unique creature, and it will most likely be fun to see how it develops.

Story & Art: Ikuno Tajima
Publisher: Square Enix Manga & Books
Translator: Leighann Harvey


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