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Vice Comics & Illustration Issue To Feature More Manga

The next issue of tragically hip ‘zine, Vice, will feature more work by Shintaro Kago and, perhaps for the first time in English, Radio Wada. If you’re not familiar with the latter, you can get an idea of his style by checking out his website here. Feeling the same disconnect from Kago? I recommend digging through the archives at Same Hat, because they’ve translated and featured some of his really unique work in the past.

The real bonus here, of course, is that Vice is a [b]free[/b] magazine, so if you can find it in your area (and are technically an “adult”… that would probably be a good idea, too), then here’s your chance to check out some new artists that we don’t see much of over here. Then, once you’re done, you won’t feel bad about throwing it away!

Source [Same Hat]