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Van Gogh Pikachu Card Removed from Museum Over Safety Concerns

Late last month, Otaku USA reported that Amsterdam’s Vincent van Gogh Museum was teaming up with Pokémon for a limited-time collaboration that included Pokémon exhibits at the museum. This is related to van Gogh’s love of Japanese art, so the idea was to get people in for the Pokémon and teach them about a famous artist in the meantime. Well, people have definitely been coming for the Pokémon . . .

In fact, less than a month into the collaboration, the museum is no longer offering their special Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat card, which is a spoof of van Gogh’s well-known painting Self-portrait with Grey Felt Hat.

To get this card, people had to do an activity where they could learn more about van Gogh’s art. The museum hasn’t been entirely detailed on why the card was removed, but it gave us something of an idea:

“The Van Gogh Museum and The Pokémon Company International take the safety and security of visitors and staff very seriously. Recently, a small group of individuals has created an undesirable situation that has led us to take the difficult decision to remove the Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat promo card from the museum. In this way, visitors will be able to experience this special collection of Pokémon paintings and the rest of the museum in a safe and enjoyable manner.”

There will still be plenty of Pokémon merchandise at the museum’s store, and the official English language Pokémon social media said that there will be other ways to get the card:

This hasn’t stopped some scalpers from trying to make extra money off the cards they got at the museum. Hopefully the museum will stay safe, and people can still get plenty of Pokémon goodness and van Gogh appreciation at the same time!

Source: SoraNews24


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