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VA Sean Letourneau and Cartoon/Fantasy Organization Co-founder Mark Merlino Set Up GoFundMe Pages for Medical Expenses

Two people with ties to the otaku world have put up GoFundMe pages to help with medical expenses.

The first is for VA Sean Letourneau, whose acting credits include Set (Sacrificial Princess & the King of Beasts), Cyrus Rivermoore (Reign of the Seven Spellblades), and Kazuhiro Maezono (MF Ghost). He was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the beginning of the year, and explained on a GoFundMe page he set up:

Everybody is familiar with the American healthcare system, and even despite having insurance, the bills are numerous and suffocating.

I am still waiting as of now to hear back on the results of my follow-up CT scan to see if the cancer has spread, but for now I am trying to be hopeful and optimistic that I am cured. If not, I have a bit longer and more painful of a journey ahead of me, but I know with the help of the community and my loved ones, I can make it through.

All funds received will be used to cover the excess medical bills and anything past the goal will be used for subsequent scans to remain cancer free, or treatment if needed (praying it won’t be)

His goal is $8,000, and he has exceeded it, though he might still be dealing with more medical bills.

The second is for Mark Merlino, who cofounded the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization, which is the first anime club found in North America. He went to the emergency room in December because of micro strokes, and then also had bleeding in his brain. From there, things got worse. The GoFundMe page explains:

We come to you with a heavy heart to share the latest developments in Mark’s health journey. After undergoing further medical evaluations, doctors have discovered what is likely the underlying cause of Mark’s stroke: A cancerous tumor in his liver. The diagnosis is stage IV cancer, and based on the medical team’s recommendations, we are beginning to make arrangements for hospice care.

There is a $52,000 goal, and as of this writing it’s reached $49,075.

You can support Letourneau here and Merlino here.

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