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Utada Hikaru Releases New Music Video Shot Entirely on Lockdown

utada hikaru

When you’re creative, lockdown during quarantine can be especially difficult. Some forms of expression are tougher to pull off in isolation, but J-pop legend Utada Hikaru made the most out of the situation with her new music video. The video for “Time” hit YouTube this week, and the unique aspect of this one is that it was produced entirely in her home.

When she unveiled the video, she said, “Here’s the video for ‘Time,’ all of which was shot in my living room and home office here in lockdown London! All of us (just 2.5 staff members) got tested right before filming. There was also a male staff member with us on the first day, but he couldn’t make it after that so including me it was just us three women who finished this off.”

You can see how it turned out below.

Longtime fans were quick to praise the video, while comparing it to previous hit music videos like 1998’s “Automatic” and “Hikari/Simple and Clean,” the 2002 track known for being the theme of Kingdom Hearts.

It’s always good to see artists making the most out of the situation!

Source: Utada Hikaru via SoraNews24