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Ushio & Tora Anime’s New Ending Theme Revealed

Starting with Friday, September 11’s episode 11 of the Ushio & Tora anime, a new ending theme will close out the show. Details were revealed in this year’s 41st issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday, which has the show ending to the tune of Wakadanna’s “Makeru Chiisakimono yo.”

Wakadanna’s song will be from the perspective of Tora, and the CD single is set for a November 4 release in Japan.

Ushio & Tora, which was previously adapted into an OVA in 1992, is based on the manga by Kazuhiro Fujita. It’s currently streaming on Crunchyroll alongside the Japanese broadcast, and Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for streaming and home video. Here’s how the former describes it:

Long ago, a ferocious monster terrorized the land, until a samurai, wielding the legendary “Beast Spear”, sealed him away. 500 years later, a middle school student named Ushio Aotsuki accidently uncovers the monster in a hidden cellar under his family’s temple. The unsealed monster and the spear attract many other supernatural creatures to the temple and Ushio is forced to release the monster in order to defeat them. Ushio names the monster “Tora” and unwillingly work together to battle other spirits and demons. 

Source: Natalie via Anime News Network