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Udon Releases Massive Valkyria Chronicles Art Book

Fans of Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles series of strategy RPGs take note: Udon announced the release of Valkyria Chronicles: Design Archive, out in stores now.

The 400-page art book collects maps, sketches and promotional art, as well as character, vehicle and weapon designs from Valkyria Chronicles on PlayStation 3. A second Design Archive, which collects the art of the PSP sequel, is scheduled for December. Via Udon:

Fans of the VALKYRIA CHRONICLES series can now get a look at the stunning artwork behind the Playstation 3 game with VALKYRIA CHRONICLES: DESIGN ARCHIVE, available now in stores! In VALKYRIA CHRONICLES, SEGA’s critically acclaimed tactical RPG, players are transported to Europa, a re-imagined World War II-era Europe filled with courageous heroes, calculating villains, and unique vehicles and weapons. From the small nation of Gallia, Welkin Gunther and the members of Squad 7 stand between the Empire and utter destruction.