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Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai Manga Inspires Anime Adaptation

uchi no shishou

Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai is a manga by TNSK, and it’s one of the latest that’s up for an anime adaptation. The series follows a rakugo artist, as well as a tanuki girl who wants to become human and takes on the task of being the artist’s apprentice. A teaser video was released along with the announcement to offer a sample of the voices behind the leads.

Original author TNSK shared a celebratory illustration:

Hibiku Yamamura (Mizuchi in BEASTARS) is voicing rakugo master Buko Dakokutei, and M • A • O (Iris in Fire Force) is Mameda the tanuki girl. You can hear them and check out the teaser footage while we wait for more details below.

Via Crunchyroll