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Train to the End of the World Anime Trailer Teases More Ahead of April 1 Premiere

train to the end of the world

Tsutomu Mizushima and studio EMT Squared’s original anime Train to the End of the World (AKA Shumatsu Train Doko e Iku?) is about to premiere on April 1, but there’s time for one more teaser. Check out the dramatic new preview below and look for this one to stream on Crunchyroll alongside its Japanese broadcast.

Previously, we got a good look at one of the characters, Nadeshiko.

Tsutomu Mizushima (GIRLS und PANZER) is directing, with Michiko Yokote on series composition, namo on original character designs and Asako Nishida adapting character designs and providing chief animation direction.

The story finds an unusual event befalling the residents of a rural Japanese town, after which lead character Shizuru Chikura and her friends end up commandeering an abandoned train and embarking on a journey to the outside world. When we catch up with them, they’re on the hunt for Shizuru’s best friend who mysteriously disappeared.

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