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Tokyo Olympic Stadium Detractors Create Awesome Meme

Aside from constitutional reform, the biggest controversy in Tokyo these days is the cost of the new stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games, which, it was revealed this week, will run the government a cool $2.1 billion dollars.

That’s a far cry from the original estimate of $730 million, prompting anger and disbelief across the city. Some polls show as many as 95% want to change the design of the stadium, though the prime minister says it is too late for a redesign.

In response, Japanese netizens have taken to Twitter with the hashtag “新国立競技場クソコラグランプリ” a challenge to come up with, shall we say, alternate uses for the Zaha Hadid-designed stadium.

Check out the hashtag for more creative uses of the stadium.

Source: Bloomberg

Matt Schley

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