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The Tibetan Dog Weaves Its Golden Tale on Blu-ray

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Developed as a partnership between Ciwen Pictures, China Film Group Corporation, and renowned anime studio Madhouse, The Tibetan Dog is a special animated feature unlike anything else. You’ll be able to experience it for yourself soon, because Sentai Filmworks is bringing The Tibetan Dog to Blu-ray on July 10.

tibetan dog

The job of a shepherd can be truly dangerous, especially for young Tianjing. He was forced to leave the city after his mother’s passing, moving to a small, remote community where his father works as the lone doctor. It doesn’t take long for Tianjing to discover the risks of working as a shepherd here, including packs of wild dogs and other ferocious animals.

Fortunately for Tianjing, an unlikely protector emerges in the form of a stray golden mastiff. They’ll soon have to work together and develop a bond of mutual protection when a new threat to the community rears its head.

tibetan dog

Directed by Masayuki Kojima (Monster, Made in Abyss), The Tibetan Dog is a tale that pits its protagonists against both the cruelty of men and the savagery of nature. You can witness this bond first hand when it hits Blu-ray in July, so go ahead and pre-order your copy today.

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