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The New Macross Series Is Called Macross Delta

The first hint of a new Macross came our way back in March, with a very quick video posted to Youtube promising a new series, but not a whole heck of a lot more.

Macross fans waiting with baited breath for any sliver of new information are in luck this week. We’ve got a title: Macross Delta (though it’s tentative), a poster (though it doesn’t have any new art), and a lead actress (who hasn’t been decided yet). D’oh. Still, nice to see things are progressing over at the Macross Factory.

We mention lead actress because the entire reason the new Macross Delta page has been opened is to inform the public about upcoming auditions in which a singer will be scouted. The auditions will be open to the public and start December 1st.

It should be noted this is the same process by which Megumi Nakajima, who played Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier, was discovered.

One other slice of info: Delta will apparently be set in 2067, which is 8 years after Frontier. Makes you wonder if any Frontier characters will make an appearance…

Source: Official site

Matt Schley

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