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The FUNimation Acquisition Countdown Continues

FUNimation is all over the news lately, mostly thanks to their very special countdown to the new year. Each of the last ten days in 2008 is serving as an announcement of a new series acquisition, and we’re here to help you follow along as best we can.

Our last post was about Vandread, but prior to that, FUNimation announced that they now have the broadcast, digital, merchandise and home entertainment rights to Ikki Tousen and Gad Guard.

Since then, some more shows have popped up in their roster, including Nabari No Ou (based on Yuhki Kamatani’s manga), Last Exile (one my personal favorite shows) and, announced most recently, Madhouse’s Oh! Edo Rocket. If these announcements have you rarin’ for more, they still have some up their sleeve as we quickly slide into 2009. Rest assured, we’ll be sure to keep you posted, whether it be on an individual basis or via one of these handy catch-all posts.