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The Demon Girl Next Door Manga Takes Break Due to Author’s Health

demon girl next door

Izumo Ito’s The Demon Girl Next Door manga has been running in Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine since September 2014, but it’s about to go on an extended break. According to the December 2022 issue, the series will be on hiatus until next year due to the author’s health.

While Ito’s specific illness isn’t detailed, it apparently impacts her stamina and vision severely and makes it difficult to draw for extended periods. The Demon Girl Next Door previously went on hiatus in November 2019 and November 2021, among other breaks. 

Seven Seas Entertainment publishes the series—which also inspired two seasons of TV anime—in English and sums up the story like so:

One morning, fifteen-year-old Yoshida Yuko wakes up to discover she has sprouted demon horns and a tail! Not only that, she learns from her mom that she has supernatural powers and an important mission—to restore her family’s glory by defeating the local magical girl. The magical girl in question is Chiyoda Momo, a student at Yuko’s school. With strength that is only mediocre at best, Yuko’s task to vanquish Momo will prove more challenging than she realizes in this topsy-turvy magical girl comedy.

Via Anime News Network