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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Shares Clean Season 2 Part 2 Ending

The second half of the second season of The Ancient Magus’ Bride (known as Mahō Tsukai no Yome in Japanese) has just debuted. The anime’s staff has released the new clean, credit-less ending animation sequence for people to check out without words blocking the art. In it you can hear the ending theme song “fam” being performed by Yuyu.

Meanwhile, the opening theme song is titled “Nemurasareta Lineage” (translated as “A Quieted Lineage”) and performed by JUNNA.

The new season is all about the manga’s “Gakuin” (translated as “College”) arc. It’s made at Studio Kafka, with Kazuaki Terasawa helming the project as director. The scripts are being written by Aya Takaha, Yoko Yonaiyama, and Chiaki Nishinaka. Credit for character design goes to Hirotaka Katō. The music is composed by Junichi Matsumoto.

Besides the anime’s first season, there is also the OAD The Ancient Magus’ Bride – The Boy from the West and the Knight of the Blue Storm, which consists of three episodes, and the OVA The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star.

It’s being streamed by Crunchyroll throughout most of the globe (with the exception of Asia) and Crunchyroll gave this description for it:

Chise was able to accept Elias and herself, if not necessarily everything about her situation. After Cartaphilus fell back into a slumber that would not last forever, Chise was able to go back to her regular life. Then she receives an invitation from a mutual aid organization for mages called the College.

Under the British Library exists a secret society of mages. Encounters and interactions with people are about to open some new doors.

This is a story about saving yourself to save another.

This franchise started with The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga, created by Kore Yamazaki. It is published in America by Seven Seas Entertainment, which also publishes the spin-off series.

Source: ANN


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