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Teaser for Sabu’s Adaptation of Usagi Drop… Drops

A brief look at the latest film from Sabu (Postman Blues, Hard Luck Hero), Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop), recently made its way onto its official website in the form of a 52-second teaser. The origin of Usagi Drop lies in Yumi Unita’s manga of the same name.

The film version stars Kenichi Matsuyama—who is this again? Should we know this actor? I kid—as the young officer Daikichi, who runs into the illegitimate daughter of his grandfather while at his funeral. With no one else to care for Rin (Mana Ashida), Daikichi rests the burden on his own shoulders.

Have a peek at Usagi Drop—which Showgate is releasing in Japan on August 20, 2011—via the video below.

Source [Nippon Cinema]