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SYNDUALITY Noir Anime Reveals 2 More Cast Members

synduality noir

As the SYNDUALITY Noir anime continues on a weekly basis, more cast members are getting in on the futuristic action. The latest to join the rest of the voice actors are Ryoka Yuzuki, who voices Claudia, and Marika Kono, who voices Flamme. You can see a preview of the next episode, which will serve as the introduction of both characters, along with their respective visuals below.



Yuusuke Yamamoto (Encouragement of Climb) is directing the SYNDUALITY Noir anime, which comes from Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bandai Namco Filmworks and BANDAI SPIRITS, with eightbit handling production. Here’s the official description for the series that premiered on Disney+ in Japan on July10:

The “Tears of the New Moon” was a great disaster that brought down a poisonous rain “Blueshist” that could kill people if exposed to it. More than 100 years have passed since then, and mankind has finally begun to overcome the disaster. In the “Nest” settlements scattered throughout the devastated world, beside those who are living strongly, there are humanoid “Megas” equipped with a dual-thinking AI. The year is 2242 A.D. Megas, who had fallen asleep with no memory of their past, finally awoke–.

Via Crunchyroll News