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Sword of the Demon Hunter Announces Debut Date, Shares Visual

sword of the demon hunter

It was just announced that the upcoming anime Sword of the Demon Hunter Kijin Gentosho will debut with an hour-long special on June 27. A new visual and a bit more info on the cast came with this news.

Here is the visual.

As for the cast, it’s now known that Hiroshi Shirokuma plays Doga no Oni (a.k.a. Assimilation Demon) and Yui Kondou plays Tomi no Kijo (a.k.a. Demoness of the Watchtower).

It was previously revealed that Taku Yashiro plays Jinta, Reina Ueda plays Suzune, and Saori Hayami plays Shirayuki.

The anime is being made at Yokohama Animation Lab, with Kazuya Aiura of Assassins Pride helming the project as director. The person overseeing the series scripts is Deko Akao, who, along with also working on Assassins Pride, has been involved with Arakawa Under the Bridge and Noragami. Credit for music goes to Ryuuichi Takada, Keiichi Hirokawa, and Kuniyuki Takahashi from MONACA. Regarding character design, that’s being done by Taro Ikegami of Lapis Re:LiGHTs.

Sword of the Demon Hunter Kijin Gentosho started out as a light novel series by Motoo Nakanishi. There is also a manga adaptation. Seven Seas is publishing both, and gave this description for the plot:

In the Edo era, young Jinta and his sister must flee their home, finding refuge in a mountain village. Years later, Jinta has grown into a skilled swordsman, sworn to protect the priestess of the village shrine. Charged with slaying a demon that threatens the shrine, Jinta confronts the malevolent creature in the forest, only to learn a shocking truth. The demon speaks of events one hundred and seventy years hence, when Jinta must confront the demon in the future. Thus begins an epic fantasy journey that spans multiple eras as Jinta hunts a demon through time and must come to terms with his own dark nature.

Source: ANN


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