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Swiss-Style Cosplay at JapAniManga Night!

It is amazing how international cosplay has become! Otaku Unite! This past weekend was JapAniManga Night in Winterthur, Switzerland, one of two anime conventions in this amazing country. Located in the Swiss and German speaking region of Switzerland, JapAniManga is a rapidly growing convention. In the last three years they have changed their location to handle the growing crowd. This year it was held in an old Swiss Army barrack and they had to turn people away after the 1,600 people capacity was maxed!

With century old architecture and the Swiss Alps just over the horizon, there is plenty to look at in Switzerland, but this weekend it was cosplayers that had everyone’s attention! Cosplayers portrayed many characters from anime, video games, Star Wars, and even Sesame Street. With anime and cosplay still growing in Switzerland, many cosplayers make their own costumes and the results are amazing! JapAniManga Night takes place every year in May. It’s fun to see cosplay and anime conventions in different countries, so visit JapAniManga Night next time and enjoy Switzerland if you can!