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Stream Japan’s Full Star Wars Kabuki Stage Play

Stream Japan’s Full Star Wars Kabuki Stage PlayLooking for some unconventional post-Thanksgiving streaming material?

Allow us to present Star Wars in kabuki form.

Yeah, you heard right. This is the Star Wars kabuki play announced earlier this month starring Japan’s most famous kabuki actor, Ebizō XI, as Kylo Ren (or Kairen, as he’s called in the play).

The entire thing, which was performed November 28 in Tokyo, is now streaming on YouTube. It begins at about 10 minutes into the video, which is introduced by C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8.

To better fit traditional Japanese, other characters have been renamed too: Luke is Lukuu, Leia is Leian, Han Solo is Hanzo, and the Jedi are Judai.

This is definitely Star Wars as you’ve never seen it before (and check out that awesome animation at 18:40!).

Source: Kotaku

Matt Schley

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