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Stills Emerge from Live-Action Insect Detective Adaptation

You may be aware of the live-action film based on Daichi Aozora’s manga that’s currently in development. Directed by Sakichi Sato (Tokyo Zombie), Insect Detective Yoshimi Yoshida (from the original manga, Konchu Tantei Yoshida Yoshimi) stars Sho Aikawa as the titular detective, which is fitting considering the actor’s own fondness for insects and the collection thereof.

Twitch Film passed along a nice little gallery of stills from the production via Sankei Sports, one of which we’ve posted below. Hit the source link for the rest. Anyone checked out Aozora’s manga before? It’s apparently of the nonsensical gag variety, which sounds about right for the subject matter. Head over to our forums to discuss all things Sho Aikawa and more!



Source [TokyoGraph via Twitch]