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Shoujo Manga Magazine’s Latest Debut Author is Just 13 Years Old

shoujo manga Young debuts are far from unheard of in the manga industry, but some cases really push the boundaries and go beyond simply being impressive. Case in point, the latest debut author in shoujo manga magazine Margaret is named Nana Hoshiki, who is just 13 years old.

Hoshiki’s debut story is featured in the March issue of Margaret, and readers have already expressed their enthusiasm about the quality of her work. The manga in question is Inshin no Yuki (Tidings of Snow), a 16-page tale that has been praised for both its illustrations and storytelling.

shoujo manga

Tomofumi Arito, one of Shogakukan’s veteran manga editors, had the following to say about the debut: “In my long life as a manga editor, I’ve never seen a 13-year-old like this … truly incredible.”

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