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Seven Knights Revolution: The Hero Successor Releases “Climax” Trailer

Seven Knights Revolution: The Hero Successor is the anime adaptation of the Seven Knights smartphone role playing game. It began playing on April 4 in Japan, and Crunchyroll is streaming it. What’s being called a “climax” promotional video has dropped for the anime, and it includes more information on the cast.

According to this new video, Yumiri Hanamori plays Leda, Hidekatsu Shibata plays Germane, Eiji Miyashita plays Castor, and Haruki Ishiya plays Pollux.

Crunchyroll gives this description of the anime:

“Long ago, Heroes had saved this world. Many Heroes fought against the powers of Destruction and protected the world. Years in the future… The Heroes had disappeared as the years passed and those possessing their powers called Successors now have the fate of the world in their hands. One of the elite Successors known as the Seven Knights is fighting an army of the Destruction when she saves a boy named Nemo. During the battle, Nemo awakens the powers of a Hero even he didn’t know about and displays his powers as a Successor. But his Hero is someone who no one knew and no one ever spoke of.”

Source: ANN


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