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Seiyu Radio no Ura Omote Light Novels Inspire TV Anime

seiyu radio

Ko Nigatsu and illustrator Saba Mizore’s voice actor-themed light novel series Seiyu Radio no Ura Omote (The Two Sides of Voice Actor Radio) is on the way to the screen. A TV anime adaptation was announced during a special livestream that went up this week to promote the upcoming January 7 launch of the series’ 8th volume. 

The anime’s two protagonists, Yumiko Sato and Chika Watanabe, will be voiced respectively by Miku Ito and Moe Toyota, who also voiced the characters in audio books, radio shows and promotional videos for the light novel series. The story follows Yumiko as she is selected to be a radio personality for a radio show along with another young actress, Chika, who also happens to be her classmate. Their personalities are incompatible and they’re constantly going at one another, but they begin to overcome their problems as they work together. 

Here’s a novel promo from January 2020:

Via Crunchyroll News