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Second Rumble Garanndoll Trailer Lets Us Hear Ending Theme Song

What would you do if you lived in a regime with heavy censorship that appeared to kill off otaku culture? That’s the premise of the anime Rumble Garanndoll (or Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shōjo: Rumble Garanndoll in Japanese). The anime will make its debut a little less than a month from now, on October 11. Ahead of this a trailer has been released that lets us hear some of the voices and the ending theme song “Reverse-Rebirth” being performed by Aina Suzuki.

In the anime, an alternate dimension opens up in 2019 that reveals a Japan that has kept its imperial militarism. This dimension of Japan basically conquers the real-world Japan, preventing it from going into the Reiwa era and keeping it in the Showa era instead.

Real-world Japan becomes the puppet state Genkoku Nippon. A group called Arahabaki (a play on the otaku district Akihabara) fights back, and tries to bring back otaku culture with it. And battery girls are part of their attack.

Seiichirō Yamashita plays Hosomichi Kudō, Ai Fairouz plays Rin Akagi, Aina Suzuki plays Yuki Aoba, Shiori Izawa plays Misa Kuroki, Takuma Terashima plays Akatsuki Shinonome, Rina Hidaka plays Hayate Makami, Yukiyo Fujii plays Musashi Sashigami, Shino Shimoji plays Yakumo Kamizuru, Tomokazu Sugita plays Balzac Yamada, Aki Toyosaki plays Mimi Kagurazaka, Takamitsu Fukuchi plays Anjū Munakata, and Kenichirō Matsuda plays Ukai.

The anime is being made at Lerche, with Masaomi Andō of Scum’s Wish and Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun working as the director. Makoto Uezu, who also worked on Scum’s Wish, has the duty to oversee the scripts. Original character design is being done by Akio Watanabe, who previously worked on The Fruit of Grisaia.

Though you don’t hear it in this trailer, the opening theme song is “Fever Dreamer” and performed by Mia REGINA.

The anime will be made available to North American audiences through Funimation.

Source: ANN


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