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Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season Brings More Magic to Blu-ray

sailor moon sFeatured Spotlight: VIZ Media

New villains, new Pretty Guardians and more magical action and drama are all in the air in the latest classic Sailor Moon anime collection! Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season is now available on Blu-ray, so read on for more about what’s in store and order your copy of the six-disc set today.

sailor moon s

When Professor Tomoe leads the Death Busters onto the scene, innocent citizens end up in the crossfire of their search for three special pure heart crystals. They’re not the only ones on the hunt, either. There are also two powerful new Sailor Guardians looking for the crystals, and they have no interest in working with Sailor Moon and the other Guardians.

Where did these new Guardians come from, and how do they plan to use the talismans? Things just got a lot more complicated for Sailor Moon, building up to one of the most intriguing and dramatic seasons yet!

Sailor Moon S: The Complete Third Season packs in 38 episodes in HD, covering episodes 90-127 of the original series. Those who pick up the Blu-ray collection can also look forward to cast interviews, cast commentary, art galleries, clean versions of the opening and ending animation and more, so order your copy today and join the fight for love and justice! 

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