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Sailor Moon Cosmos Collaboration Necklace Can Be Yours for $400

sailor moon cosmos

We’ve seen plenty of teasers for the upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos anime films, but has anything gotten us hyped enough to drop four hundred bucks on some accessories? Premico certainly hopes so, because they’ve announced the production of a silver necklace inspired by the project, complete with Hirado traditional Japanese jewelry craftsmanship. The catch? This necklace will run you ¥54,780, which adds up to around US$400. 

The necklace is due out in mid-June, and is now available to pre-order via the Premico online shop. 

Featuring a pendant decorated with a heart-shaped cubic zirconia stone and an inner flower made up of the same material, you can see another look at what Sailor Moon fans will need to save up for below.

Via Siliconera