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Robot + Geisha = ROBOGEISHA

At the New York Asian Film Festival this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to soak in Tokyo Gore Night (more on that in detail later), featuring Tokyo Gore Police madman Yoshihiro Nishimura and Machine Girl maniac Noburo Iguchi. The two directors showed off some of their shorts and stuck around for a live TGP commentary, but one of the real treats was Iguchi premiering the trailer for his next film, RoboGeisha.

RoboGeisha reunites the usual suspects for more mayhem, with Nishimura as Special Effects Director and Tsuyoshi Kazuno as Visual Effects Director. As expected (and desired), the movie continues the trend of wild weaponry hidden on the bodies of sexy women/robots. Now the trailer can be viewed by all, so check it out below for a glimpse into Noburo Iguchi’s madness, and dig the droning voiceover delivery. Iguchi said he was going for something “Hollywood” with this trailer.



Source [Twitch]