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Rintaro Returns After 14 Years to Make Short Based on Sadao Yamanaka’s Work


Rintaro is a director who has some world famous anime films under his belt, including works like Metropolis and Galaxy Express 999, the latter adapting the landmark manga by the late Leiji Matsumoto. Now, at 82 years old, Rintaro is getting ready to return to the director’s chair after 14 years. 

The project bringing Rintaro back is a new “manga film” based on the story of filmmaker Sadao Yamanaka and the making of 1933 silent film Nezumikozo Jirokichi: Edo no Maki. The short silent anime film—titled Nezumikozo Jirokichi: A Manga Film Dedicated to Sadao Yamanaka—will clock in at 25 minutes long and is set to premiere on March 20 at the 1st Niigata International Animation Film Festival. 

Featuring a script based on Yamanaka’s original script and notes, and featuring scenes based on the production of the 1933 film, the only sounds to be featured will be narration by Mami Koyama (Kei in Akira) and the music of Toshiyuki Honda. Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo handled character designs for the short, with production by Studio M2, Genco and French studio Miyu Productions. 

Via Crunchyroll News