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Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition to be DLC

For those that haven’t heard about Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition, this updated version of the title adds some fresh content to a game that’s fairly stacked as is. Most notably, Alternative Edition includes a special “Jill episode,” which was originally intended for the full game but momentarily shelved for a smoother experience.

Jill’s story takes place a few years prior to the events of RE5, and according to director Jun Takeuchi should take most gamers around two hours to complete, and the PS3 version will (optionally) incorporate Sony’s upcoming motion controller.

The latest news on the project, however, concerns the method of release. Capcom’s Chris Kramer has urged owners of the game to hold on to their copies, and it’s looking like they’re opting to release it as downloadable content rather than via retail. Whether this is a thumb of the nose to the used games biz, a reaction to fans preference of DLC, or a mixture of both, look for Alternative Edition next year.

Source [Kotaku]