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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Anime Shares Season 2 Trailer

Princess Connect! Re:Dive started out as a smartphone game, and then got an anime adaptation that debuted in April of last year. The second season of Princess Connect! Re:Dive will come out in January 2022, and its first promotional trailer has been released.

Takaomi Kanasaki, who worked on the first season and has also worked on Is This a Zombie?, is back as chief director and will be supervising the scripts. Yasuo Iwamoto, who was an episode director of the first season, has been upgraded to director for the second season.

The characters are being designed by Mai Watanabe, Satomi Kurita of Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic, Lie Jun Yang of A Certain Magical Index III, and Yasuyuki Noda of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Arsene Karei Naru Yokubō. The music is being composed by Imajin.

If you already like the voice actors, the good news is that the main cast is all returning. M.A.O plays Pecorine, Miku Itō plays Kokkoro, Rika Tachibana plays Kyaru, and Atsushi Abe plays Yūki. Cygames Pictures is the company behind it.

In addition to the anime adaptation, the franchise has also received a manga adaptation. Crunchyroll streams the anime, and gave this description of the story:

“In the beautiful land of Astraea where a gentle breeze blows, a young man named Yuuki awakens with no memory of his past. There he encounters a guide who has sworn to care for him—Kokkoro, a lovely swordswoman who’s always feeling peckish—Pecorine, and a cat-eared sorceress with a prickly attitude—Karyl. Led by fate, these four come together to form the “Gourmet Guild.” And so their adventure begins…”

The game is also available through Crunchyroll, and Crunchyroll gives the same description for it as it does the anime adaptation.

Have you checked out the first season, and are you interested in seeing the second?

Source: ANN


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