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Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live Idol Anime 10th Anniversary Project Launches

pretty rhythm

The third installment of Takara Tomy Arts and syn Sophia’s idol-themed franchise Pretty Rhythm, titled Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, was a TV anime that aired from April 2013 to March 2014. That means the series is celebrating a decade-long milestone this year, so a 10th anniversary project has launched to mark the occasion.

To kick things off, TV anime character designer Mai Matsuura whipped up a special key visual for the project, which you can see below.

Beyond that, there will be collaboration cafés at AMOCAFE Ikebukuro in Tokyo and Ochi Café Namba Marui in Osaka from April 18 to May 14. The stores will feature a collaborative menu, screen videos full of memorable moments from the series and have an exhibition with the 10th anniversary commemorative visual on display. 

Stay tuned in the event that any further announcements are made for the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live 10th anniversary project.

Via Crunchyroll News