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Pokémon Notes Go Viral When Mom Mistakes It For Schoolwork

pokémon notes

With all the heavy news out there, how about a light story involving Pokémon?  @Ariagemu, a Japanese high school student, shared a picture of his extensive note-taking and his mom’s glowing response.

According to SoraNews24‘s translation, this is what was said:

My mom: “Studying so hard even though you don’t have a test coming up soon. How industrious!”

Me: “……”

Why the dot-dot-dot from the high school student? Because those are his Pokémon notes. But they’re so thorough, and some of them are written in katakana, a form of Japanese writing for non-Japanese words. He might not be studying for a test, but he’s studying for sure!

@Ariagemu’s cheeky tweet was so popular it went kind of viral, with more than 11,000 retweets and 90,000 likes and 200 comments. Sometimes the people commenting would show pictures of their own notebooks.

SoraNews24 also translated some of the comments:

“I had a notebook just like this when I was in junior high.”
“I consider Pokémon to be part of my compulsory education.”
“Figuring out those calculations will definitely improve your math skills.”
“I’ve heard that this sort of thing really improves kids’ memories if they do it from a young age.”

Have you kept any Pokémon notebooks? Or perhaps your otaku interests have been mistaken for schoolwork, as well?

Via SoraNews24

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