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Pikachu Takes on Bizarre New Form in Caterpillar Plushie


Is this Pikachu caterpillar hybrid an official Pokémon product? Maybe not, but it can be found on AliExpress and it raises enough questions with its “Pikachued” listing alone that it’s worth gawking at for some mid-week madness. Seriously, look at this thing!

It’s Pikachu! It’s a caterpillar! It’s caterpikachu?! Look, there’s already a Pokémon called Caterpie, and now that feels like a real missed opportunity. Despite the weird off-off-off-brand depiction of Pikachu, it looks like the model in the photos is pretty comfortable. As you can see, there are different lengths to choose from.

So… I choose… you? I guess?

Via Kotaku