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Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower Anime Film Previewed in Full Trailer


A full trailer and new visual have arrived for Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower, the theatrical edition of the new project adapting Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga series Phoenix. The film will open in Japan under the title Hi no Tori: Eden no Hana, and you can see the latest preview below.

Prior to this theatrical outing, a four-episode streaming edition titled Phoenix: Eden17 will launch worldwide, featuring an alternate ending. This version will be on Disney+ starting on September 13 under the title Hi no Tori: Eden no Sora. 

The project is directed by Shojiro Nishimi (Mutafukaz) with art direction from the legendary Shinji Kimura (Children of the SeaTekkonkinkreet). Other key staff members include Tatsuzo Nishida as character designer and chief animation director, with Takatsugu Muramatsu handling music for the Studio 4ºC production. 

The full visual below features the tagline, “You should live.”

Here’s the official description:

A rocket lands on the desolate frontier planet Eden. Romi (Rie Miyazawa) and her boyfriend George (Yosuke Kubozuka), who fled Earth for some reason, vow to make this planet their new home. However, life on the uncharted planet is harsh, and George loses his life in an accident while digging a well, leaving Romi to live a solitary life of survival with his only son, Cain, and an AI robot.

Romi decides to extend her life as long as possible for Cain’s sake and enters a cold sleep. However, a mechanical malfunction causes her to sleep for 1,300 years. When Romi finally awakens, she becomes the queen of Eden 17, a huge town built by a new breed of humans. Then one day, a kind-hearted boy named Komu (Honoka Yoshida) meets the grief-stricken Queen Romi in her palace. Knowing of Romi’s longing for home, Komu decides to go to Earth with her, and the two of them venture out into the vastness of space together, knowing that it is a reckless challenge. They encounter an earthbound astronaut, Makimura, a space handyman, Zdarban (Issey Ogata), and a number of unknown life forms beyond human understanding as they journey toward their home planet Earth.

Via Crunchyroll News