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Persona 5 is Getting an Anime Special

Persona 5 has had a solid showing over the course of Tokyo Game Show, and Atlus added some more fuel to the fire during a Persona Special Stage event. In addition to the hotly-anticipated next entry in the RPG series, Persona 5 will be getting an anime special.

There aren’t more details to go on at the moment, but Atlus also announced a Persona series 20th anniversary commemoration festival for next year. 

If you missed the Tokyo Game Show 2015 trailer for Persona 5 itself, be sure to check that out below, followed by the reveal of the RPG’s opening theme song, composed by Shoji Meguro with vocals by Lyn.

Persona 5 is in the works for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It‘s been delayed to summer 2016 in Japan, and will come to the west sometime next year. 

Via Gematsu